Hi, I’m Norman, your friendly builder and safety mascot for the National Federation of Builders - welcome to my website.

I am passionate about safety and safety on construction sites in particular. Each year, children are injured when playing on, or around, construction sites. Many of these injuries could have been prevented – together we can ensure that this stops!

With your help we can educate others about the dangers posed by construction sites if used as a play ground. Firstly you need to become a ‘safety ranger’ – visit my ‘the risks’ page which will help you understand the dangers and my ‘staying safe’ page which will provide you with advice on how to stay safe!

Once you are a safety ranger you can help me spread the word to other children by entering my competitions that warn them about the hazards. You have the chance to win some fantastic prizes!

Please visit our ‘Hall of Fame’ where you can find our current and previous winning posters.

Remember – stay safe

Your friendly, NFB safety mascot

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