With thousands of different types of construction sites all over the country it is very important for you to be aware of the risks. Read on for more information on the risks and how to recognise them as a Safety Ranger.

Although construction sites may differ in size, many of the safety risks are very similar.

Here are some of the most obvious risks of playing on a building site:

  • Large heavy vehicles – On some construction sites, heavy machinery and trucks could be operating to move heavy loads. When these machines are in use sometimes the operators are unable to see fully. Therefore if you go near them when in operation you run the risk of being seriously injured or worse.
  • Pits and manholes – When creating new buildings or demolishing old ones, often deep holes are dug to lay foundations or to reach the pipes below the construction site floor. When playing on construction sites, you may not be aware of these holes and may fall down them.
  • Building materials – Many of the materials that are used on construction sites like, bricks, sand and pipes can also pose further risks to you. If not properly stored these materials could topple and fall on top of you.
  • Not wearing safety clothes – If you are not wearing the right safety clothing you are putting yourself at an even greater risk whilst on a construction site as people will not be able to see you. They are worn for a reason!

Don’t forget that there are many more risks associated with construction sites. Why not have a think about some others with your friends, class mates, teachers and family and incorporate them into your poster designs.

Now that you are familiar with the risks visit the ‘Staying Safe’ page to complete your Safety Ranger training.

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